the story

one man set out on a journey.
his goal, to deliver the best flavour he could and define his heritage.
it had to be PORTUGUESE,
it had to include peri peri sauce,
it had to blow your mind and
make your tastebuds dance

late night hunting and chowing down on some fresh crunchy chillies,
breathing in capsicum and tasting carolina reapers,
he found that the perfect recipe for all his food,
had to be summoned from his inner #portugueseness.

how would he share this with the world ?
how could he show that inner #portugueseness. could be real?

Well contact us to find out how to taste the heritage of Portugal with South Africa flair.

we are marios

Marios is inspired by my name. I am Mario Rui Barros Da Costa, yes i have one of those long amazing Portuguese names. I have been alive all my life, living through the smiles of those who allow their tastebuds to dance over my food. I love people, i love food, i love butter and garlic, then again who doesnt, BUT, its not just about the symphony of crackle behind my fresh homemade portuguese buns .. and my rolls, but its the experience im privileged enough to create for you.
I have been cooking for most of my life, bringing on the traditions and values of my heritage and infusing it into the food i make.
I thank those around me who continue to inspire me, to make more and do more, test the boundaries of inner #portugueseness, yes this is a thing!

But this isn't just about me, this is about you. You the person who takes the time to read this, eat my food, taste my sauces and enjoy the company of others because Marios isn't about one person. 
Marios is about family.
Marios is the experience you have with food, people and love!

get to know us more ?